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Nadja Lichtenhahn – Coach & Trainer

Organizational Development
Executive Coaching & Leadership Development
Personal Coaching

Nadja Lichtenhahn – Coach & Trainer

I support people and organizations in their intention to grow and transform. I focus on organizational development, executive coaching & leadership development, and personal coaching.

My specific expertise lies in combining my interdisciplinary experience in many different organizational structures with a systemic methodology and in using integral tools. I combine my interdisciplinary experience from many different organizational structures, systemic methodology, and integral tools to form my unique expertise. I apply a holistic-integral approach by including experience and knowledge from different areas. I thereby create opportunities in building bridges between areas of life (for example between personal vision and professional orientation), that we often perceive as being separate. Together, we broaden the perspective and invite a more holistic view in order to become clearer about what is essential. Vitality of people and organizations requires both, activating all relevant attributes as well as being aware of how these attributes interact with each other. Any entity (organization) as whole can only be as healthy as its individual parts (its people and their relationships with each other). I do this through designing and applying individually tailored methods in personal and group coaching sessions, constellations, and trainings.

„Every human being is happy when growing in the direction of their highest potential, but it is not just happiness we long for- it is purpose, a compelling desire to live for something beyond ourselves. We are called to create families, communities and societies from a potential orientation.“

Thomas Hübl


Organizational Development 

Vitality and success of every organization is based on the people working in the organization and their healthy relationships with each other. People and relationships are the starting point for (re-)designing structures and processes in organizations. First, we will assess the challenges and goals for developing entrepreneurial and individual competencies in an integral way. Based on this, we design a holistic, authentic, and value-based development process.  This will be implemented following a clear roadmap and applying appropriate tools, such as systemic training, process design, team development, and systemic constellation work. 

“When both, the purpose of an individual and the purpose of an organization resonate and reinforce each other, something extraordinary becomes possible. When we work from our core strengths, everything feels effortless and we become more productive than ever.”

Frederic Laloux

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

Leadership is an essential inner capacity to be in relationship with oneself and others, to give orientation, inspiration, to promote potential and competencies, and to give space for the necessary development. Effective leadership empowers an organization to hold a shared vision so that every person in the organization can actively shape the future of the organization. Together we explore, through an aligned process, which inner competencies and aspects are essential for leadership and will support implementing changes in our work and our being.

„One of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in, and where you want to go.“

Sheila Murray Bethel

Personal Coaching

I offer perspective and guidance for specific aspects of life and I support personal transformation and growth processes. Together we create the space and the necessary strength for new paths and solutions in your life and, therefore, also in your personal or professional environment. Conscious change processes enable us to grow into our highest potential. My personal coaching supports all levels by focusing on the unity of body, mind, and soul.

“Our deepest calling is to evolve/develop into our authentic self, regardless of whether it matches any image of how we should be. On this journey we not only find the joy that every person seeks – we also learn to authentically express our service to this world.” 

Parker Palmer

Nadja Lichtenhahn

I am passionate about accompanying people and organizations in growing into their highest potential, for themselves and for their relationships. My professional career path has taken me for over 25 years through the international media world and I worked as a consultant, lawyer, and manager. Within an international corporation, I experienced how strongly leadership and corporate culture affect people and the organization. This helped me realize how essential not only the relationship and network between people is but also the relationship to one’s inner self. After having accompanied many change processes in this context, since 2015 my path led me deeper into the methodology and I completed my systemic training as a coach, team coach, systemic trainer (each ECA certified), and also my integral organizational training. Today in my work as a coach and trainer, I use my own work experience to support organizations, their people, and teams in recognizing their essence/purpose and developing their potential. Through many years of teaching at a film university and further education institutes and through my work as an author, I have been able to experience how important a proper learning environment in and outside of companies is. For example, in the education sector or wherever else learning takes place. 

In addition, for over 20 years, I have devoted myself to my personal growth in other areas. I am a certified yoga teacher (Kundalini) and completed Reiki training level I and II. Yoga and meditation are part of my daily practice and can also form part of my work, as integrating all my different experiences and approaches are what make up my holistic-integral approach.

  • • Systemic Coach, Team Coach, Trainer (ECA certified)

  • Consultant, Lawyer

  • Lecturer, Public Speaker, Author

  • For me it is the personal experience of a coach regarding organizational and leadership topics that is key, in addition to qualification as such. Nadja is not only methodically an excellent and highly experienced coach, but she also has her own corporate background as a leader. What makes Nadja also special is not only the broadness, but also the depth into which she can go in all areas of her work. In doing so, she has sensitively and effectively accompanied many of my professional and personal change processes.

    Michaela Kay, Managing Director
  • My initial wish at the start of the project was to realign the company’s actvitieswith its vision and strategy and to equip its leadership with the skills that an increasingly complex environment requires. In analyzing and guiding this transformation process, Nadja’s systemic-integral approach has opened up completely new perspectives and developmentopportunities . This also helped me to develop a new understanding of complexity and dynamics of interpersonal relationships, which are a strong foundation for an authentic relationship with myself and the people I work with. Nadja’s experience from her management and leadership roles, her excellent methodological and process competence, as well as her connection to spiritual aspects of life, was a special and unique combination for me that I no longer want to miss when it comes to next-generation leadership.

    Georg Wall, CEO Wescale Group, Innovation Manager and Incubator
  • I have had the pleasure to work with Nadja both as my personal and business coach and greatly admire her ability to bring her empathy, gentle strength and solution-oriented thinking and methodologies together with her vast knowledge and analytical abilities to her incredible work. Both on a personal level and business level, Nadja helped me to attain clarity, new perspectives and insights around complex issues and guided me to find for myself the necessary steps towards being able to proceed empowered and informed. On a business level Nadja continues to enhance my leadership and organizational skills, to believe in our highest potential, and proceed with conscious care, aligned with our core values to achieve our goals.

    Sarah-Jane St. Clair, Entrepreneur